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Therapy is an overused word for a vast subject that helps people in many seen and unseen ways. There are many types of therapy, none of which is the sole answer for one or all of your life questions/struggles.  Therapy may take place in group or individual format. Therapy sessions with an experienced counselor may help in the following ways:

Day to day problems can sometimes block our emotions, resulting in a host of issues that affect the body and mind. Sometimes these blocks are within our awareness, sometimes they are not. The process of counseling leads to emotional release of past pain, pressures and issues that need to come to the surface to be healed. We can’t simply “bury the past” from our mind and body. Rather, we eventually become a pressure cooker wherein our emotions must be released in a safe environment or we may end up with lack of peace and harmony along with various bodily ailments that may or may not be treated with conventional medicine.

A healing process can take place when we learn to express what is within us with words, emotions, and creativity. When we bring the illusions, fears, and the tendency to resist that exists within us into words, the healing process begins.

By understanding our past family patterns that affect us in the present, we have the power to gradually create a better future. Awareness of such patterns is half the process of healing. Once aware of the past, we have the opportunity to re-parent and nurture ourselves in healthier ways that we may not have necessarily received as children. We gradually forgive and accept our past in order to embrace a more coherent and peaceful life today.

We are often running uphill in life. Therapy can provide an avenue to examine and take down who we thought we were in order to discover and rebuild who we truly are. Without having a solid sense of ourselves, we may continue to repeat old, unhealthy patterns of living and building relationships that aren’t working very well in our jobs and personal lives.

Too often we are stuck in patterns of negative thinking that slow us down and impede our growth. Therapy can help us recognize when these behaviors are taking place, and provides tools that aid us in pursuing a new path of positive behaviors, attitudes and feelings.

Our own Efforts and Contemplation

Our own efforts are vital in the healing process.  Too often many want the physician and/ or therapist to wave a magic wand and make years of issues and patterns of behaviors go away.  However, we have to “make quilts as life gives us scraps” and become our own teacher in solving our problems.  Journal writing, efforts to reach out to the community in service, discovery of our talents, our own self-help reading, as well as exploration of internet articles can help empower us little by little in our growth of self-awareness…..

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For Anxiety, Mental & Physical Stress, Panic Attacks, Past Trauma and Abuse, Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, Chronic Pain, Fears and Phobias

Biofeedback is the process of monitoring physiological responses such as heart rate, skin temperature, brain waves, or muscle tension and turning these physiological signals into meaningful information and feeding back the information to the person being monitored in order to increase their awareness of mental and physical distress.

The power of biofeedback is in the training that results. Feedback leads to awareness and awareness leads to learning and control.

The goal is to recognize minor mental and physical symptoms early and to reduce them before they become major symptoms.

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